Vaayu Group

Rethinking Aviation Solutions

Rethinking Aviation Solutions

The Vaayu Group aims to rethink solutions for challenges within the aviation industry with a keen eye on the future. With exponential growth in the past decade, both organically and otherwise. These global businesses now straddle large swathes of the Aviation industry under a competent and professional management/leadership team.

Our over-arching vision is being the forefront of aviation and related sectors in the immediate future, while always keeping an ear out for opportunities that are strategically in sync with its purpose and ours.

Our leadership recognizes this and funnels all its resources along this strategic path. According to Emad AlMonayea, Chairman and President, Vaayu Group, “We are at a crucial stage of growth and need to make the big leap over the next five years that will establish Vaayu’s leadership in the marketplace. As an entrepreneurial organization, we must consistently grow faster than our competitors and develop a strong customer base with an excellent market reputation that differentiates the Vaayu Group brand.”


To be the leading aviation & aerospace company recognized for delivering value to all its Stakeholders.

Mission / Tenets

TRUST -Confidence that your interests are at the heart of how we engage with you as our stakeholders.
VALUE - Service provided is of substantial benefit to you and your business.
INTEGRITY - Quality assurance is always provided.


The sole purpose of its existence is to ensure that its customers achieve success and recognize Vaayu’s role in that process. This will be possible only through the efforts of its people who will measure their success based on the success of their customers and the progress they make together.